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Malaspina Galleries, Gabriola Island 2017. ©Quinton Dewing


I have been to Malaspina Gallaries many times, and I will keep going there to still look for a better shot. There are so many intersting rock formations and compositions all over. With the sunsetting right in front of you.

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Whalebone beach, Gabriola Island 2017.

©Quinton Dewing


I got this shot around mid day in the spring as the leaves were almost fully open. The lime bright green was due to the young leaves and the sun being still a little low to pierce the behind of the trees in the front. The long exposure makes for a nice calm feeling with the harsh rocky shore line adding a little bit of a mood. 

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Whalebone, Gabriola Island 2017.

©Quinton Dewing


I got this shot off one of the public access points down here on whalebone Dr. I had to move quick because the light was leaving so quick, it was the lowest point before sunset. 2 minutes after the 8 min exposure completed the log on the right was the same colour as the one on the left. My setup was really quick, but very sturdy and methodical, no room for errors or missing steps in set up. #FOCUS

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